Unleash Your Best Performance Yet

I just want to send you a big "Thank You"…I'm playing virtually pain-free!**

- violinist, baltimore Symphony orchestra

Photo Jan 24, 9 09 15 AM

Balanced Musician helps musicians where they need it most: with instruments in hand.

Balanced Musician programs help musicians refine their relationship with their bodies, their instruments, and their minds - through awareness. We teach performing musicians skills to increase awareness in performance, along with injury prevention education on the causes and common patterns of physical misuse that may limit peak performance and contribute to pain and performance injury - so they can play their best and meet the demands of performance, in the practice room and on stage.

We salute the over 1100 individual artists and organizations that have joined us in promoting greater comfort and ease in performance. We offer masterclasses, courses, and individual appointments tailored to your needs. For more details, learn about Our Programs. 

**Please note: Although many clients report therapeutic benefits, Balanced Musician programs are not therapy or medical care and do not take the place of medical care and prompt medical attention. If you are experiencing pain, see a doctor for a full evaluation.

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